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Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon 2

Havasu:  The Grand Canyon Part 2 Havasu Falls, not Lake Havasu.  A very big difference, one is filled with power boats and people enjoying the Arizona sunshine with all the modern toys that accompany a body of water in the desert.  The other is at the end of a 10 mile hike down the side […]

The Grand Canyon Part 1 2013

  The Grand Canyon part 1 This was by far our most planned adventure.  After all it is the Grand Canyon or the “Big Ditch” as some so fondly like to call it.  Where to start with a place so vast and you have 9 days to see the best of the best of the area?  […]

Apostle Island Ice Cave

  For our 32nd wedding anniversary, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity the extra cold winter of 2013/2014 had given us to see the rare frozen ice caves of the Apostle Island National Lakeshore.  We flew into Duluth, MN on Thursday night, after both of us worked a full day, arriving at 11:30 […]

To the Top of the Falls

TO THE TOP OF THE FALLS My husband really wanted to hike to the top of Yosemite falls.  I am usually the one who plans the hikes when we travel to places. But the last two visits he stated he wanted to go to the top.  I had never suggested this hike because I felt it […]