Between the Sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park

Our Father’s World Photography is developed by Paul and Deb Greutman. Paul is a self-identified Nerd, Geek, or whatever you want to call it.  He works in the IT department for a major corporation, but before that he was a radio operator with the U.S. Air Force for 13 years.  During those years, he traveled around the world several times, experiencing everything from the Aurora Borealis over the North Pole to the Aurora Australis over the South Pole.  He has traveled to Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, and the Pacific Islands.  It was during his travels that Paul’s love for the world that God created grew, along with his desire to someday share this world with his wife, Deb, and others who appreciate the beautiful world we all live in.  Paul currently uses a Canon T4, while Deb uses an Olympus TG2 — mostly so they can have a camera out on the water and not worry about damaging the T4, but also because Deb is always dropping her camera in the river or off a cliff, or something equally destructive.

Deb works as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant in the public school system and as a Hand Therapist on a PRN basis in outpatient settings. She enjoys working with people and listening to their stories and has found that nature has always been a great ice breaker when meeting both adults and children for the first time.  One of her greatest loves is taking children out into nature and teaching them about the natural wonders around them.  She has discovered that learning never ends, especially when you are learning from the natural things that God has placed before us, as there will always be another layer to peel back, discovering something new.  Her motto is that if the day is nice, which is any day without pouring rain or a total white-out, then it is a waste not to be outside enjoying it.

Paul and Deb love hiking, biking and kayaking, and sharing those activities with their family and friends. Together, they have traveled to many beautiful places from coast to coast, getting off the beaten path whenever possible.  They love taking pictures and sharing them with you.  As a family, they have played on the glaciers of Alaska, the sands of Ventura Beach, and the white sands of the Gulf Coast.  They have gazed at the giant sequoia and stood in wonder at the overwhelming beauty of Yosemite Valley.  They have hiked in the snow of Lake Superior National Lakeshore and experienced the beauty of the Northern Lights from the amazing Ice Caves of the Apostle Islands.  In the spring of 2013, they stood in wonder at the marvelous expanse of the Grand Canyon, hiking until their toe nails fell off, just to get a different view.  They backpacked into the Indian reservation of the Havasupai Indians to camp between the two beautiful waterfalls, Havasu and Moony Falls.  They have visited Zion National Park, but have only scratched the surface there.  They have also scratched the surface of the Pacific Northwest by backpacking to Cape Alava in Olympic National Park, hiked in the North Cascades, Mt Rainier with black bear, and hiked some of the waterfall trails along the Columbia River gorge.   Just last year they were able to spend time in Carlsbad Caverns

National Park watching the bats come out at twilight, Guadalupe National Park, and Big Bend National Park.  Someday, they hope to hike the narrows, angels windows, and the subway.  The place they visit the most is the Great Smokey Mountains where they love to hike to the top of Mt. La Conte with the mountain azaleas in bloom, or hiking/biking Cades Cove during the summer months while catching the synchronized lightening bugs at the Elkmont campground.  There is so much more to see and explore, but there is never enough time.

If you are looking for something that Paul and Deb don’t have showing here, please ask, as they may have it. Their inventory is over 15,000 photos and growing.  They have many more adventures planned, and they look forward to sharing more photos with you.


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