Ft. Casey Lighthouse


We were in Washington and got the last ferry ride.  When we got off, there was this sign, “Ft. Casey Lighthouse”.  I had to see it.  The park closed at sunset.  We got there just before the gates closed.  I was taking photographs and the ranger drove up.  He was very nice, and told us to take our time.  We snapped a few more images and left.

High Resolution, 300dpi.  9.5 mb file.



Fort Casey

Fort Casey, Washington is a place we just stumbled upon.  We had finished backpacking at Cape Alava and crossed on the ferry.  I saw the sign that read “Ft. Casey Lighthouse”.  I had to go.  We got there just before the park closed.  The ranger came by and encouraged us to take our time.  When I saw that the sun was setting behind the lighthouse, I was thrilled.  This image is a contest winner on FanArtReview.

Additional sizes available for print for a rate of .15/square inch.  Ask about pricing for canvass and mounted options.


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